Natural Gas

  • Determine if and when there is an opportunity to improve the client's existing supply contract.
  • Perform due diligence to determine the qualified suppliers, request/analyze quotes, evaluate supply contracts, and negotiate prices, terms, and conditions that benefit the client.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the term of the supply contract including natural gas market updates.
  • Keep the client fully informed of all findings and communications with suppliers.
  • Implement the contract when a supplier has been selected.
  • Review invoices for accuracy and discrepancies.


  • Analyze existing accounts and supplier contracts.
  • Solicit offers from qualified, competing suppliers.
  • Vet suppliers and negotiate the best price, terms, and conditions.
  • Handle all paperwork and manage the transition process to the new supplier.
  • Monitor the energy markets for additional opportunities and continue our due diligence of potential suppliers.