Lighting Energy Efficiency Program - LEEP

Shepherd Lighting Solutions (SLS) is excited to announce our Lighting Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP) for qualified business customers to convert their indoor and outdoor lighting to LED technology. This program is designed to help businesses which are currently using older inefficient lighting save up to 75% annually on the lighting costs. By using your energy savings to pay for the project over a period of time, businesses can receive better quality of lighting, real energy savings and low to no maintenance without having to come out of pocket with any money.

To qualify the following must occur:

  • Good credit rating for the business
  • Projects ranging from $25,000 - $500,000
  • Annual savings are equal or greater than annual financing payment
  • If qualifications are met, customer agrees to move forward in a reasonable timeline


The Shepherd Advantage LEEP is a unique and proprietary program offered by SLS.  We are offering this program to help businesses to become more energy efficient and save money on their energy costs.  The time to become more energy efficient is NOW so don't wait on your chance to LEEP into a brighter tomorrow.

Shepherd Energy Solutions