Who We Are

Shepherd Energy Solutions (SES) is an innovative energy services company that offers a unique approach to reducing businesses overall energy costs. For more than 20 years SES and its Principals have saved thousands of customers money by lowering their costs on their current energy consumption as well as significantly reducing the amount of energy they consume.

SES’s energy procurement business, Shepherd Energy, is dedicated to constantly monitoring the Energy Markets for our customers. As a result, we are able to identify trends and assist you in making the best possible choice for your energy needs. Click here to learn more about Shepherd Energy.

SES’s LED lighting business, Shepherd Lighting, offers a unique look at drastically reducing your company’s monthly utility bills and environmental impact without changing your operation and processes.  You can take advantage of a technical revolution in lighting and reduce your expenses over a short time period making your business more profitable. There has never been a better time to make the conversion to energy efficient LED lighting, and now with Shepherd Lighting’s LEEP program, businesses can pay for the project through their savings and not come out of pocket at all. Click here to learn more about Shepherd Lighting.